Maison Pourchet

The Origins
Of the house

Photo de l'atelier - Maison Pourchet

Emblematic codes.

Based on its significant heritage and living DNA, POURCHET is a great French leather company founded in 1903. The House POURCHET redefines today its manufacturing codes and its emblematic identity codes.rnrnrnThe logo of the House - the head of the Belfort lion struck three rings - regains all its original importance in a redesigned identification and a mastered utilisation. The canvas Madison, initially created in the ‘70s, is reissued and perpetuates the tricolored flag of the brand: navy, red and green. Reinterpreted in a contemporary vocabulary through a dedicated collection, the coated canvas is now positioned as one of the major fundamental artworks.rn

Iconic bags

The history of POURCHET is marked by the creation of bestsellers, iconic bags that have left their mark for decades. Like the bag « Croco » created in 1950 or the « 509 » created in 1990 , and the bag « 110 » celebrates the 110th anniversary of the brand and permanently confirms its repositioning by illustrating remarkably its centennial expertise and one of its historical values ​​of production — the label of Made in France.rn

A word from
The Stylist

Photo de Marie-Laurence Stévigny - Maison Pourchet

Marie-Laurence Stevigny is a creative Belgian accessories designer… Her quote is to design simply beautiful, simply individual, simply essential and simply meaningful accessories. She is graduated from the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne in Paris and the Institut Bischoffsheim in Brussels.

In 2004 Marie-Laurence launched her own international design consultancy studio named MLSTUDIO based in Brussels and in Paris. Marie Laurence’s signature is based on designing accessories going beyond the simple definition of accessories.

She acquired an international experience and a deep and strong knowledge on designing and developing accessories with proper DNA, being part of the Nina Ricci studio in Paris for eight years and senior accessory designer at Bill Amberg London for six years.

The collaboration with leathergoods maker Pourchet established in Paris in 1903 and Marie-Laurence Stévigny started in 2014. It turns the traditional know-how of the Pourchet leathergoods workshops into a simply feminine, Parisian, actual and easy to live collection.

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